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Food & Drink A Vietnamese restaurant in Myeongdong-gil

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Being in a foreign country means that you have to deal with the feeling of homesickness. Fortunately, I have a very good way for this: eating Vietnamese food. I would like to recommend to you my favorite Vietnamese restaurant that my labmates and I usually go to.

Restaurant Name: ĐÀO 베트남 쌀국수

Address: 중앙로 68번길7 남원동 62-1

This restaurant is really near to Myeongdong shopping street. You, therefore, can go there easily while you are shopping in the area.

The specialty of this restaurant is some typical and famous Vietnamese food. Here are some of my favorites:

1.   PHO – (살국수). I have to say that PHO is the proudest food of our country, and it is considered as our national dish. In general, PHO is a soup dish consisting of broth, rice noodles, herbs, and beef.

2.   BUN BO HUE – (분보후에). This one is also a soup dish containing rice vermicelli (means “BUN” in the whole name of the dish) and beef (means “BO”). HUE is a city in the central of our country associated with the cooking style of the former royal court.

* For PHO and BUN BO HUE: As Vietnamese way, we usually add lime juice (or lemon juice – because here we don’t have much lime, I guess. For many people, lemons and limes are just the same, but not for me, I prefer limes), chili, soy sauce and chili sauce in the dish and mix them before eating. This way will make the soup a bit bold, so I suggest that you might taste the soup first and then decide which ones you want to add to your soup.

3. BUN THIT NUONG – (비빔국수). My Korean friend really likes it. This one is not a soup although the name is quite similar to the second one. This is a popular Vietnamese dish of cold rice-vermicelli noodles topped with grilled pork, fresh herbs like basil and mint, fresh salad, beansprouts, roasted peanuts, pickled carrots and CHA GIO (I will explain this one later). This dish is special for its fish sauce. You should add the fish sauce to the dish and mix it well before eating. There might be a soup side dish, please notice that you should eat this soup separately and after you eat the main dish.

4. CHA GIO – (짜 조). This dish is known as fried spring roll. CHA GIO are usually served as an appetizer or added into another dish (like BUN THIT NUONG). It is ground meat, usually pork, green beans, wrapped in rice paper and deep-fried. CHA GIO as a separate dish is usually eaten with fresh salad and fish sauce. You should eat them right after they are served because if they are exposed in the air for a long time, they will become less crisp and therefore less tasty.

5. GOI CUON – (월남쌈). There are many different English names for this dish including spring roll, fresh spring roll, and rice paper roll. This dish is made from pork, prawn, vegetables, cold rice-vermicelli noodles, and other ingredients wrapped in rice paper. GOI CUON is eaten with chili sauce. This dish is a very fresh and healthy dish.

There are also other dishes on the menu, but I have not tried them all. The five-mentioned dishes are my favorites and their flavors are most similar to the ones I ate in Vietnam.

I attached some pictures of the restaurant, its address, and its menu. Visit it if you have a chance. Hope you have a nice day with a nice meal in this restaurant.


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