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Health & Wellness “World Water day”

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작성자 Mera
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“World Water day”

Hello Everyone!

Let me say a little about our hydrosphere marking world water day.

We apparently agree on the saying that “water is life” right? Well, I believe as you do we are surviving because of oxygen, water, and food. Water has several things to do with our survival from throat clearing, digestion, and the house of habitats including edible ones. The air breath comes from vegetation and trees; the trees have to be well vegetated, meaning the earth shouldn’t be dry and avoid a lack of water bodies. Among countries in which a significant amount of food sources depend on seafood, Korea is one of the main ones on the list with its higher population depending on producing and consuming seafood. By the way, I love seaweed a lot.

March 22 marks “World Water Day”, this year's water day celebrated by out pouding the theme "Accelerating Change", on which awareness creation in a way of the campaign can be done for the safety of our hydrosphere surrounding. We consume hygiene and mineral water when the earth can produce so much water; we consume sea foods when the earth is able to produce them, so we have to assure the prevalence of ample knowledge on keeping water bodies clean and using them wisely.  

Ocean acidification is something that we can protect the hydrosphere from. It is when carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere and absorbed by the ocean, contaminating it to become more acidic. This extraneous matter then harms marine life such as coral reefs and shellfish and ultimately impacts the entire oceanic food chain. 

I shared pictures of rivers in Chuncheon and Seoul. Let’s protect our hydrosphere by using it responsibly either for entertainment, transport, or food, 

Have a refreshed spring week!! 

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