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Language & Culture “Parasite" shocking movement

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작성자 Sajitha
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Parasite" shocking movement

   By Sajitha Lakmali


This was the second time I watched this movie seriously. Still, I am thinking about some special incidents, and from time to time, my memory crosses some frames in the film. I'd like to share my feelings and thoughts about this movie. Before that, let me describe why this film is highlighted. The night belonged to Bong Joon-Ho at the 92nd Academy Awards ceremony, as the acclaimed filmmaker’s Parasite (2019) enthralled the world by garnering four Oscars and becoming the first non-English film to win Best Picture (Keith, Sarah; 2022). As I earlier mentioned in these few notes, I just want to share my experience. This time I watched this movie with my sister. At the end of the movie, she asked me, "Why has this film gotten an Academy Award? I CONSIDER HER QUESTION and come up with an answer. The question and answer that I can gain from the movie—the film’s scrutiny of new class sensibilities in the overdeveloped world, its strong resonance with global and local politics about social injustice, its sophisticated style and visual metaphors, and the genius of Bong who pieced together all these components—have been exhaustively discussed in attempts to unpack the film’s historic achievements (Keith, Sarah; 2022). This film is basically based on the class struggle, which has become normal for every citizen in the world. This film gives us a chance to stop and rethink "human survival". The idea of class is not gone from our societies until we recognize it. That is the lesson I learned from this movie. Thank you to Kim and the Park Clean families.




Keith, Sarah (2022). BTS as cultural ambassadors. In Kim, Youna (Ed.). The Soft Power of the Korean Wave: Parasite, BTS and Drama. London: Routledge.


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