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Health & Wellness Benefits of Slowing Down and Walking

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작성자 Jess
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In relation to my previous community post about my very first experience of spring. I often hear from my friends now that I should slow down a bit, that I am taking life too fast. And to be honest I do feel burnout. But I also always get this voice within me always accusing me of being lazy and that I must do something always.

Nevertheless, I see the merit of what my friends say. And so, most of these days, I walk or use my bicycle in the morning, partly for exercise, partly for saving money, and also for reducing my impact to the planet. And because of that, I have this time that allows me to see or discover new paths, and savor the flowers or blossoms of spring appearing at every corner this time of the year. For example, I discovered this alternative path (see the picture) in Bonguisan while hiking with a friend one afternoon before my 4PM class. And I instantly know that I will be frequenting this place since then—it is such a serene and peaceful path!

Walking, I remember, has a lot of health and mental benefits. It is slow, of course, but then again, going fast, contrary to what our busy world always tells us, is not always the best thing. As what a popular Filipino saying says in essence: “The person who walks the fastest, stumbles the hardest.”

In any case, take your time, and if you can, continue walking forward.


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