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Health & Wellness Hangan version of Chuncheon, in “Gonjichon” at the Month of World Heal…

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Hangan version of Chuncheon, in “Gonjichon” at the Month of World Health Day

Hello everyone!

How was your week? I hope it was great, and hope you enjoyed the blooming well before it ended over. I was in Gongchan last weekend to avoid depression and see the cherry blossom and feel the spring with a friend of mine, we wandered around the Gonjichon river, Ethiopian coffee area, enjoyed Chuncheon Dakalbi and we saw some funny and tricky shows by water scooters riding ski-jets in a way of and splashing the river water each other's jet-ski, saw residents for picnic sitting in the camping tent and enjoying their family, romantic and friendship time in in the Gonjichon amusement park.

Dwellers of Chuncheon both foreigners and Koreans flocked to Ganjichon area to see the cherry blossom in full bloom, last Saturday April 2nd. Roads were crowded with people of different ages taking pictures gladly appreciating the weather, cherry blossoms and togetherness in the spirit of the spring. This kind of leisure is sound in promoting the mental health, as healthy person meant and need multifaceted health issues. 

World Health Day (WHD), held every April 7, marking the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organization while raising awareness on the public health concern, since 1948. Creating awareness on all health issues is tied up with the atmosphere and environment we dwell in, thus it is vital to maintain the harmony of natural vegetation to live in harmony because of nature such as cherry blossom. 

I shared pictures of the day above, which I took to commemorate the 2023 spring's cherry blossom vibe. Stroll and friendship time spending can be ways of enjoyment in promoting a healthy life.

Have a great week!



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