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Social Moving in South Korea

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작성자 Zolboo
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I have lived in Chuncheon for two years and half. First I used to live in a oneroom near to Kangwon National University. I lived there for 3 months. In South Korea we have to make a contract with owner of the building. But for students or buildings which are located near to any university they allow us to make contract within 3 months - 2 years. 

So I could've make that contract. After living there for 3 months I moved out to another oneroom which was a cheaper. I just put my stuff into suitcase and carried them to my new place. Because I lived only 3 months then so I didn't have many stuffs or furniture. And onerooms usually have desk, chair, air conditioner and bed. So I didn't have to worry about it. I made 6 months contract on my second place. 

It went too fast so I had to make new contract or move out. I chose to move out. But then I had more stuff than before. Then I used scooter to carry my stuff to my new place. It wasn't hard to go and come to pick my stuff few times. Scooter applications didn't require driver's license then. That's why I could've use it. I lived there until I move to Seoul. I just sent my stuff through 우체국. But they don't accept any big sized stuff so ask about it if you want to send something. In Seoul my place is not oneroom so I had to buy a lot of things. Even fridge, bed and laundry etc. So when I move out from here I think I will need to contact moving company.

Here's a picture of a fridge which I bought



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