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Health & Wellness Out of sight, out of mind: Another Reason to Reduce Screen Time

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작성자 Jess
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Nowadays, I try to reduce my screentime especially two hours before sleeping since my friend who is also a doctor told me that its light can be one of the factors why I find it hard to fall asleep. I turn now to books to pass time, and I find such practice enjoyable, especially with Japanese lightnovels that I am very fond of—those by Yoru Sumino, Nagaru Tanigawa, and Sugaru Miaki!

Now, let us see another reason to reduce screen time: considering that most of the form of leisure that we engage nowadays are in the form of digital contents like travel videos are in YouTube, let us see how much power is usually consumed by a short video with simple graphics—the storing of the video from one place, and the complex and numerous ways it is transmitted from the storage to the individual’s devices—consumes around 2.5 AA batteries, or 2 AA batteries when the power consumption of the device is excluded (MinuteEarth, 2016). This, of course, would increase with the length and visual complexity of the video and also with the amount of views, as a 500,000 views of a YouTube video that consumes 2.5 AA batteries, will mean a million of AA batteries worth of power consumed, or 3 months power consumption of a typical American household (MinuteEarth, 2016). And of course, such energy demand is not met by a magical source that does not bring negative impact to our planet.

Maybe try reading a book also?



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