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I checked out another Ethiopian Coffee Shop called “The Classic Ethiopian '' in Chuncheon Hyoja Dong.

Hello Dear readers,

Today I just checked one of the coffee shops in Chuncheon, named “The Classic Ethiopia” which is located around “Hyoja Dong” 20 minutes walk from Hallym University. Thus, they provide coffees originating from Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia, Kenya, and  Ethiopia.  It is located on the sidewalks of the “Hyoja” district, which makes it accessible for laymen, and strollers to let them try the taste of hot and cold drinks of “Classic Ethiopia”. It is the second coffee shop I found so far involving the name Ethiopia next to “Ethiopia Bet”, located at “Gonjichon ''. However, the name highlights Ethiopian coffee, I can see from the menu information board the flags of five countries,

Coffee and Ethiopia have a lot to talk about, from the discovery of the coffee leaves to the center of social capital in Ethiopia. Korea is also among lists of countries that consume coffee by far, particularly Ethiopian coffee.

My friend and I strolled to Hyoja Dong, grabbed one each, and tried a cup of three types of mixed-in-one Iced-Americano coffee; I liked the coffee shop which has some Ethiopic pictures hanging on the wall of the coffee shop. The pictures are representations of customary Ethiopian rural housewives, there are handfuls of typical Ethiopian coffee cups and coffee jugs made from clay soil, on the cupboard. We enjoyed visualizing the interior cultural designs while sipping our coffee, chatting about exchanging culture and global issues and biting macaron.  

I asked the coffee shop owner about the difference in tastes among the coffee originating from various countries, and the coffee shop owner informed us that the coffee type tastes have two categories: the first comprises three tastes and the other has five tastes. According to the owner of the shop, the first taste sets comprise basic taste, Mild taste, and special taste, adding that Brazil, Colombia, and Ethiopia correspond respectively to the first sets of tastes; while the second set comprises sweetness, body, acidity, body, flavors, and finish.  


Grab your AA or Ice Americano to stay awakened and cool your body!

Have a stimulating and cool week! 



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