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Social My spring visit to the Organic Café (유기농 카페)

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작성자 Hazel
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Good day!

For this community post, I would like to share my second experience of going to the Organic Café in Chuncheon. I previously visited this café last October 2022 when the fields were full of pink muhly grass. You can see details about my previous visit here. This time, I ordered an iced hazelnut latte and it was the perfect drink to cool down because the temperatures are steadily rising as summer draws closer. It is amazing how the owners of the coffee shop take the time to account for seasonal changes and nurture plants that are most suited for that season. For spring, the café showcased gorgeous daisies and even added tent-like structures that make the fields even more appealing in photos and videos. I really enjoyed my time here and it was so relaxing to talk with my friends while enjoying the breeze and the beautiful views. I am excited to come back in the middle of summer to once again enjoy the scenery with different flowers. The social media managers of the café also ensures that people knows about the changes in the landscape by regularly posting on their social media account, so follow them on Instagram (@organic_cafe_) for updates!

Keep safe and cool, everyone!

Address: 유기농카페강원 춘천시 신북읍 지내고탄로 184 


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