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Food & Drink Eating jjamppong soft tofu bibimbap (짬뽕순두부비빔밥) in Chodang Dubu Village…

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작성자 Hazel
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Hello everyone! 

Today's community post is about consuming the popular cuisine in a particular place. Place-based food are very popular in South Korea, and many places are known for specific dishes that usually drive tourism to specific areas. I have been living in Chuncheon for almost a year now and one of the first things that I did upon settling down was trying the chicken dish dakgalbi (닭갈비) and makguksu (막국수). Since I have to stay in Korea for at least a couple more years, I have vowed to visit as many places as I can so that I can sample the local cuisine.

Gangneung is part of Gangwon-do and found in the east coast of South Korea. Due to its geographical location, it is widely popular for its seafood dishes especially around the Jumunjin Fish Market. I visited Gangneung in May 27, 2023 along with several other Filipino students who are currently residing in Korea. Upon our arrival at the Gangneung Intercity Bus Terminal, we took a taxi to visit the Seongyojang House, where we took photos and played tuho (투호). It was my first time to try the game and it was very enjoyable. After Seongyojang House, we were all hungry and we decided to take a cab to the Chodang Dubu Village where we had our lunch. This place is popular for soft tofu that is made using seawater and this makes it unique among other tofu dishes that are found elsewhere. Because I did not have breakfast that day, I was craving for rice and I decided to order the jjamppong soft tofu bibimbap (짬뽕순두부비빔밥). It was a very hearty meal and it gave me the energy to take the scenic walk along Gyeongpo lake on our way to the Gyeongpo beach. I am attaching a photo of my meal and I hope that it gives you the inspiration to sometime visit Gangneung, too!  


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