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Health & Wellness “Breathtaking, Night view and cycling at the Chuncheon cycling path”

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작성자 Mera
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“Breathtaking, Night view and cycling at the Chuncheon cycling path”

Greetings! Everyone!

I want to talk about my bike experience at the “Chuncheon bike road” some meters from the Soyang River. My colleague and I arranged a schedule for a bike ride to the bike road of Chuncheon last Sunday evening. I was wandering about Chuncheon roundabouts by cycling. It was fun since we were trying to bike and explore new neighborhoods.


After some 50 minutes, we reached the right spot for cyclists to ride called the bike road which covered a five-kilometer asphalt road and refreshed near the shore of the Bukhangang River. The night view was mesmerizing to watch and breathe around the spot. There is a narrow asphalt alley painted for cyclists, however, pedestrians were passing by while some were jogging, some strolling with their pets and bare pets. 

It was an absolutely spectacular view watching the sunset while approaching the bridge of the Soyang River. We took a lot of pictures both on our way to the cycle road and inside the zone. 


It is recommended to make sure a bike has a well-functioning brake, a good handlebar,  and a good bell. Drink enough water, grab a bottle of water while you bike, and make sure you get along hut for covering the sun. Be safe and be careful of the heat wave and scorching sun prevailing this summer!


Have a nice summer week ahead to you!



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