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Food & Drink Embracing coffee culture in daily Korean life

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작성자 Bonu
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South Korea is renowned for its vibrant culture, advanced technology, and delicious cuisine. But one aspect of daily life that captivated me is its thriving coffee culture. When I first arrived in South Korea as an international student, I was quickly attracted by the variety of coffee shops and cafes and their lively yet cozy atmospheres. As a coffee lover, I was so excited to discover this side of Korean culture that quickly became a significant part of my life. My introduction to Korean coffee began at a charming little cafe near my university. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee drew me in, and the warm, inviting atmosphere made it an ideal spot to relax after classes. One of my first stops was " Ediya coffee", a cafe with a nice atmosphere. Sitting there, while sipping my coffee, I felt a deep sense of contentment and knew I had found something special. Over time, I explored many of Chuncheon's as well Seoul's coffee places like "Twosome place", "Tom&Tom's coffee". Compared to my home country where coffee shops are not regular, coffee prices are high and types of coffee types are not so much, here I got a chance to discover several new tastes which I fell in love. Thanks to Paik's coffee and its original representative menu, I developed a taste for specialty coffee. I also came to appreciate iced Americano, and instant coffees at convenience stores, especially during my morning study sessions. I found out that cafes in Korea are not just about coffee; they are social hubs; a study companion and a lifestyle. The variety of cafes and the warm, welcoming atmosphere, the coffee, and the feeling of this culture can be a heavenly place for coffee enthusiasts like me. Immersing myself in this style has been one of the most enriching parts of my study-abroad experience.




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