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Language & Culture A Slice of France in the Heart of Korea: My Enchanting Visit to Petite…

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작성자 Bonu
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I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Petite France, a charming French cultural village located in the beautiful Gapyeong District. This delightful attraction perfectly blends European charm with a touch of Korean hospitality, creating a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience.
The trip to Petite France was just as amazing as the destination. When I entered Petite France, I was quickly transported to another world. The vibrant colors of the buildings, inspired by traditional French architecture, were so stunning to experience. 

One of the highlights of my visit was exploring the numerous attractions within the village:

- The Little Prince Exhibit Hall: A tribute to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, this exhibit features various editions of "The Little Prince" and beautifully crafted displays that bring the beloved story to life.

- French-style houses: Wandering through the village, I admired the authentic French-style houses. Each building had its unique charm, with quaint cafes, souvenir shops, and art galleries.

- Performances and Activities: I enjoyed several cultural performances throughout the day, including traditional French music and puppet shows. There were also interactive activities, such as pottery-making and painting workshops, which added to the hands-on experience.


Petite France is a photographer's paradise. Every corner of the village offers a perfect backdrop for photos. From the stunning views of the surrounding landscape to the intricate details of the architecture, I captured countless memories through my lens.

My visit to Petite France was a delightful escape into a world of European charm and culture. Whether you're a fan of "The Little Prince," a lover of French architecture, or simply looking for a unique and picturesque getaway, Petite France is a must-visit destination. I left with a heart full of joy and a camera full of beautiful memories, eager to return someday.


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