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Tech The M1 chip in the iPad Air?

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작성자 Michael
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The M1 chip in an iPad Air?


Hello my tech enthusiasts! or those of you who are just curious about the newest and latest tech products. This would be a review and my first impression of the new iPad Air 5, 2022, so sit back and enjoy!


After saying goodbye to my surface pro 4 tablet-pc due to oldness(served me 5years!), I decided to replace it with a new one. I was a bit conflicted on whether I should get the same Microsoft product or change things up a little bit. One of my major concerns being design and performance. The iPad Air 5 has 10.9 inch display enough for consuming and producing content. But coming from a 13 inch tablet-pc I thought it would look too small and crowded. Also since the iPad OS is notorious for not being as versatile as a computer OS, my concerns had me watching dozens of YouTube videos studying the tech lineup as efficiently and as fast as possible.


The M1 chip?


After binge watching probably 40 videos, like a Netflix Show, i came to know that apple has made a huge change when it comes to their processors within the past few years. Apparently apple started making their own chips(apple silicon) named ‘M1’; A processor introduced in the year 2020 with the MacBook Air. Powerful, efficient and some might even call it revolutionary. And ever since it’s introduction, it seems like apple has been flexing its confidence in this new chip with pretty much every lineup that came out after that, like the MacBook Pro, iMacs, Mac minis, and even the iPad Pro. But not a lot of people expected apple to put it in the iPad air line up. Believe me when I say an iPad Air with an M1 chip is like a human baby with 9 horse powers. This tiny beast is more than enough to get you through your normal day to day tasks like writing a note, doodling, photo editing, gaming and it can even let you do some light 4k video editing. It totally blurred the line between a tablet and a laptop computer. For all these reasons listed above I didn’t hesitate when I ordered this tablet online. I chose the option of a gorgeous deep blue color with an internal memory of 256GB. Seeing it in person, the size of the display wasn’t disappointing at all. It rather felt even more cuter. 10.9 inch seems like the sweetest spot. Not too big like the 12.9 inch iPad Pro or not too small like the 8.3 inch iPad mini. The digital pen(Apple Pencil) was sold separately so I had to buy that later. And it too was fabulous. I use it pretty much every time.

The iPad comes with a usb c connector and a 25 watt charger brick and also a couple of apple stickers. My first impression opening the box was “oh my god! Oh my god! Umyyyy gooooddd”. Not only was it refreshing to buy a new stuff or switch brands, but having a device that can make you super productive with its performance was absolutely incredible. I have been excelling in my studies ever since I purchased it. Also I am writing this community post using an the iPad so… yeah!!


The iPad Air would cost you some where around 979,000KRW in Korea including a charger brick and a C to C cable.

And 165,000KRW for the Apple Pencil 2nd Gen.(sold separately).


I would rate this and recommend it 10 out of 10!!!


Until next time, have a productive week!!!



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