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Tech Experience of buying a car

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작성자 Zolboo
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I wanted to have a car so I started to looking for it. Affordable and nice car. Several days I was hardly want to get car but one day I saw on online small white car selling by non korean man. At that day we contacted and met. The car was nice and look everything was okay without any problem. So I decided to get that car so I buyed it. Next day, we went to car center to change the car of name. Finally the car is mine I thought. However, next morning I was excited to ride to seoul. There was problem came out. What was that is the car's did not have a long time without oil. So, the car's temperature is went high and couldnot able to ride it was confused me. As a result, I called to car insurance company for help. Mid of the way  car was stopped there was nothing that I can do and only one solution was wait for insurance company's man. Finally, came to my home and went to directly car check place. I went to 3 different places. Interesting thing was all of them said please return the car because it has not put oil so car's temperature was going high If you ignored temperature while you driving it can cause more problem and put you in lot of money issue. So that night I called to selled man. But can you imagine what he said? "I do not know that's your problem I have not had problem while driving that car so that is all on you not me" he said. I begged for him to return the car. And he said "okay but I cannot give you full money" I agreed. So now I have an experience that buying car and therefore. It was really tough to get things normal and make it correct. Before I buy it I should go to car center and check everything...


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