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Social Skatepark in Chuncheon

페이지 정보

작성자 Suvd
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공지천 is one of my favorite places in 춘천, especially the skate park from there.

Before coming to 춘천, my first research was The skateboarding park in 춘천. Then I came to 춘천. Actually, I couldn't find any skate park here so I started skateboarding on my campus.

Luckily I met a new friend who is also skating. He told me about The park.

After the meeting, I went to the skateboarding park with him. Then I was shocked and so excited. Because in my hometown there are any skateboarding parks and there are not many skaters. I was happy and I learned lots of tricks there.

At this time I felt like I was in the 2000th’s high school movie. 

Now I go there almost every week to skate and enjoy my Korean friends. If you are stressed about every life and boring in 춘천 you have to go there. Maybe it will like you.

Just enjoy every moment.



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