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My Life Before the Pandemic and Our Redemption Arc

페이지 정보

작성자 Jess Deytiquez
댓글 0 Comments 조회 153 Views 작성일 22-09-03 11:15


What was my life before the pandemic? 

I was a graduate student of a local university, who travelled in Viet Nam and Korea with fellow student/friends from ASEAN countries and Korea in January 2020—right, few months before the oceans, lands, and skies between our countries became very vast and uncrossable. 

As I look back, I remember the cold night breeze amid the sands and neon lights of Haeundae Beach, with the Korean word for “Hope” written in blue—the color of longing—standing along with other banners of wishes and hopes for that year. What happened after that? 

Isolation, darkness, loss, and deaths. 

We were scared and scarred. 

But are we forever trapped in this room of mirrors? 

No, I think. We can break through this, and learn from the multiplicities of experiences we encountered along the way. 

For one thing, we now know that little things can go a long way, like just washing your hands or by simply wearing masks. 

We can fall, but we can rise again, and again. As we are recovering from this pandemic, let this be our redemption arc. And we should make the most of it.



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