International Community for National Disasters Korean Expat Community for National Disasters

About Us

Who We Are

KECND (Korean Expat Community for National Disasters), supported by Health and New Media Research Institute at Hallym University, is a portal that delivers information about national disasters, such as infectious diseases, to foreigners who reside in Korea. We provide a place for users to share their experience as well as emergency information.

Our Vision

KECND envisions the improvement of health and welfare of foreign residents residing in Korea during times of health crises.

Our Mission

KECND uses various forms of media to provide information and support aiding foreigners to live better lives.

Meet Our Staff

Ghee-Young, Noh Ph.D., Chief
Jisoo Ahn Ph.D., Director, Research
Min-ji Choe MA, Director, Communications
Fazal M. Jadoon BA, Director, Information, Support & Education
Varha S. Abd BA, Director, Design