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By Supuni Dayasheela

Hello everyone!

Here is my first community post for you all. As a novice to South Korea, I have plenty of time to find out about this country, its culture, and several other opportunities and experience those opportunities.

The top item on my list of things to experience is Korean cuisine. When I was in Sri Lanka, I used to watch Kdramas on TV and also via YouTube. To be honest, I am a huge fan of Korean dramas. That is the reason to get more influence on Korean foods as well as Korean dramas. As I am not able to be a part of Kdrama, the only thing I can get is this amazing food. I have therefore tasted a variety of Korean foods over the short duration of my stay in Korea, both on my own and with friends. The image I've included here depicts some of my recent favorite culinary experiences. Here in my photo collage are the images of Omelet Rice, Hotteok, One of Korean Lunch boxes, Dak-gal-bi (Spicy Stir-fried Chicken), and Gimbap & Kimchi stew which have a really exquisite flavor.

In Sri Lanka, we used to get so many spices and lots of chilli in our regular meals. Here in Korea, there are so many flavors but less in chilli. but it doesn't matter because the taste of them also occupies a higher position. One of my favorite things about Korean food is the use of chopsticks. These were rather challenging to use at first. I learned how to use them from one of my Korean friends, though. Now that I can use chopsticks to eat with ease, I'm quite pleased and proud of myself. I can't wait to share more mouthwatering food ideas with you.


In addition, if you have tried any dish that you think, in addition to these, is a must-try, please let me know about it.

I thus wish you all a much healthier week until we next speak!



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