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Tech Difference between FHD and IPS Monitors

페이지 정보

작성자 Zolboo
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Since I came to South Korea I changed between personal computer and notebook so many times. I used Karrot(당근) which is an application that you can sell or buy things on it. I also made a post about it and how to use it if you're interested. So first one I buy for my studies and gaming was a laptop. I didn't notice anything from display then. I only knew about monitor refresh rate. 

For gamers higher refresh rate the better. Since you jump from 60hz monitor to 144hz you will notice a huge difference. You may not buy 60hz monitors anymore. I sold my laptop and bought a personal computer. I used to have a 144hz monitor in Mongolia. So I bought same one which is FHD in South Korea. But I don't use things for so long. I always change it. So I feel like Karrot(당근) was made for me^^. 

Because of that I wanted to change my monitor. I sold my old one and bought a new one. But it looked so different. Pixels were sharp, colors were strong. First it felt really weird. I've never used monitors like that before. Then I searched about it and found out that monitor is IPS. If you guys are going to buy a monitor I recommend you to buy IPS one. But for gaming I felt like FHD or TN is better.

If you want to know difference between them you can visit this link: 

FHD one I used:


IPS one I bought:



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