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Tech Mind the Time Limit: A Short Reminder for Device Care for You, Everyon…

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작성자 Jess
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Recently, I read an article about an article by Nintendo warning the users of their Nintendo Switch gaming console to charge their devices once every six months, lest they become incapable of charging any longer (Fischer, 2023). I know this fact of the danger of not using or charging a device for an extended period of time even prior to my reading of this article as a very paranoid individual when it comes to my devices—my limited budget wont allow me to be careless with them. 

But money aside, just think of the various effects the production and mindless discarding of your devices like in smartphones to the environment and other people: there are already TED-Ed videos about such like the one that I would use for this sentence’s citation, but in summary, they are not that good (Preshoff, 2018). So I really think it is a win-win not only for you but for others and the planet if we would take care of our devices more, and one way to start is with this. As usual there are more tips out there on how to extend the life of your devices, all we need to do is search.



Fischer, T. (2023, April 21). Nintendo warns Switch owners of console-breaking issue.

Preshoff, K. [TED-Ed]. (2018, October 2). What’s a smartphone made of? - Kim Preshoff [Video]. YouTube. 


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