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Health & Wellness Wet Shoes: You, Others, and the Planet

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작성자 Jess
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It rains so much nowadays, right? It is really a bother when your shoes and your socks get wet. And once again, we are tempted to use the dreaded dryer to dry our shoes, but according to an article by Nike which talks about alternatives of drying one’s wet shoes like with an old newspaper (see the reference to see the link to such alternatives), using a dryer may in fact damage them (The 2 best ways, 2021). 

As with my prior post about caring for devices, caring for our other stuff like our shoes can indeed reduce the negative impact to the environment and to other people that their production and throwing away can do (Chang, 2020). Little steps for a sustainable future continues!

(And again, for further information you can always check the links on the references!)



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