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Telephone booths, also known as phone booths or public telephones, were once common before the widespread use of mobile phones. They provided a means for people to make phone calls while on the go. However, with the advent of mobile technology, the use of telephone booths has significantly declined in many parts of the world. 

In South Korea, public telephones can still be found in some areas, particularly near subway stations, shopping centers, and public buildings. These phone booths typically require the use of prepaid cards or coins for making calls. However, the prevalence of mobile phones has greatly reduced the need for public telephones, and their numbers have diminished over time.

Emergency situations: In cases of emergencies or natural disasters where mobile networks may be overloaded or unreliable, telephone booths could serve as a backup communication option. They could provide a means for people to make essential calls when mobile networks are down or inaccessible. I met this telephone booth while I was walking to my boarding place. but I couldn't see anyone using this. Still, I am wondering why it is there. As I mentioned above, it may be the use of emergency situations.


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