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Social BTS 10th Festa at Han River

페이지 정보

작성자 renu12
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An exhilarating experience unfolded as I engaged in the various BTS Fiesta activities. One highlight was the heart-pumping Just Dance challenge, where I poured my energy into each move, dancing to the beats with unwavering passion. The thrill escalated when I was announced as the second prize winner, a rush of joy coursing through my veins, validating my dedication and love for BTS.

The playlist curated for the event became a soundtrack to my emotions, accompanying me on a nostalgic journey through their discography. Each song held a special place in my heart, evoking memories of laughter, tears, and moments of personal growth alongside the boys.

Another delightful moment was exploring the Run BTS costumes, an opportunity to don the iconic looks that BTS themselves have worn in their captivating episodes. Transforming into a member of the BTS universe, I felt a sense of connection and unity with my beloved idols, as if we were momentarily intertwined in the fabric of time.

At the temporary tattoo stand, the chance to adorn my body with BTS-inspired designs brought forth a surge of excitement. Each stroke of ink felt like a permanent mark of my devotion, a visual testament to the bond I shared with BTS and the ARMY community.

These experiences during the Fiesta activities encapsulated the essence of what it means to be part of the BTS journey. From dancing to victory, immersing in their music, embodying their vibrant personas through costumes, and leaving a trace of their artistry on my skin, each moment deepened my connection and reinforced my love for BTS, reminding me once again why I stand proudly by their side. 


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