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Language & Culture Embracing Tradition: Getting Dressed in a Korean Hanbok for a Chuseok …

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작성자 Supu
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Embracing Tradition: Getting Dressed in a Korean Hanbok for a Chuseok University Event

Chuseok, the Korean harvest festival, is a time for celebration, family gatherings, and honoring tradition. As an international student attending a university in South Korea, I had the unique opportunity to participate in a Chuseok event organized by the university. The highlight of the event was the chance to dress in a traditional Korean hanbok. This is the story of my memorable experience donning this beautiful attire.

As the Chuseok event approached, the university sent out invitations encouraging all international students to join in the festivities. It was a chance to learn more about Korean culture, indulge in delicious Korean cuisine, and celebrate the harvest season together. The prospect of wearing a hanbok was particularly intriguing, as it symbolizes the rich heritage and cultural identity of South Korea.

At the event venue, I was greeted by a vibrant and beautifully crafted hanbok. The hanbok is a traditional Korean dress characterized by its vibrant colors, elegant design, and unique structure. A friendly university staff member helped me choose an appropriate hanbok, taking into account my preferences for colors and style. I was drawn to a stunning combination of white and blue, which embodied the grace and beauty of traditional Korean fashion.

Getting dressed in a hanbok is a bit more complex than wearing modern clothing. The hanbok consists of several layers, including the jeogori (jacket) and chima (skirt) for women. With the assistance of the staff and one of my friends, I carefully donned each piece, making sure it was fitted correctly. The intricate bows, called otgoreum, were a challenge to tie, but they added a touch of elegance to the ensemble.

As I looked at myself through the camera on my phone, I couldn't help but feel transformed. The hanbok not only represented centuries of Korean culture but also made me appreciate the grace and beauty of this traditional attire. The sensation of wearing such a culturally significant outfit was both humbling and exhilarating.

I was also able to taste songpyeon (traditional rice cakes) and some kind of traditional rice drink that I cannot remember the name of.

Dressing in a Korean hanbok for the Chuseok event organized by my university was an unforgettable experience. It allowed me to immerse myself in Korean culture and appreciate the beauty of tradition. Beyond the colorful attire, it reminded me of the importance of cultural exchange and the value of celebrating and preserving our rich heritage. Chuseok in a hanbok will forever hold a special place in my heart as a cherished memory of my time in South Korea.



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