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Tech Samsung's Focus on AI and Proactive Technologies

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Hi everyone,

Samsung has revealed a new, high-powered smartphone chip called the Exynos 2400. This chip is a comeback for Samsung's premium phone processors after some previous problems.

They showcased this chip and other technology innovations at an event where they talked about their work in semiconductors and AI. The Exynos 2400 chip is better than its predecessors, with a much faster central processor and an improved neural processor for AI tasks. They also demonstrated an AI tool for creating images from text.

Samsung didn't give all the details about the graphics part of the chip, but they did say it's based on AMD's technology, which should make games look better with advanced graphics effects.

The head of Samsung's semiconductor business talked about how AI is becoming really important and how their new chip is a big step in that direction.

This new chip is important because the previous version had problems, including overheating. So, Samsung had to use chips from another company in their last phones.

They also introduced a new camera technology that can zoom in really close on moving subjects without losing quality.

Experts think that Samsung will use this new chip in their next flagship phones, the Galaxy S24.

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