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Language & Culture "Exploring Intercultural Harmony: Celebrating Diwali in South Kor…

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작성자 Sajitha
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Celebrating Diwali in South Korea was a wonderfully enriching international experience, merging the vivid traditions of the Festival of Lights with the dynamic ambiance of a foreign cultural context. There was a distinct feeling of curiosity and openness to learning about the customs and rituals that define this Hindu celebration as I shared the significance of Diwali with friends and colleagues in South Korea. I was looking forward to learning more about these aspects of the event. The integration of traditional Diwali decorations, such as the warm glow of diyas, intricate rangoli patterns, and the festive brilliance of lights, resulted in the creation of an ambiance that was visually captivating and fascinated others who were not as familiar with these features. Furthermore, the thrill of sharing traditional Indian sweets and snacks connected with Diwali, such as the scrumptious ladoos and savory samosas, brought a delicious gastronomic dimension to the celebration. Ladoos and samosas are perfect examples of these kind of treats. This interaction between people of other cultures not only helped me develop a greater appreciation for the variety of celebrations that take place around the world, but it also helped me feel more connected to and more in tune with two very different cultural worlds.


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