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I spent time with a Sri Lankan friend who came for KOICA ICC training in South Korea! This is the first time I have visited the Koica Center.

Convening at KOICA ICC infused our reunion with an extraordinary dimension. The center's dedication to global collaboration and its lively ambiance provide the ideal setting for our occasion.

We idled about the training facility while sharing anecdotes and personal experiences. It was enlightening to observe how the training programs offered by KOICA ICC facilitate collaboration and cultural exchange by bringing together participants from various parts of the globe.

Experiencing the details of my friend's training journey and the invaluable insights she acquired was without a doubt the highlight. Participant dedication to knowledge acquisition and the exchange of global perspectives created an environment that was truly motivating.

During our coffee break at the center's café, we engaged in conversations regarding the influence of the training and our individual cultural backgrounds. The contemporary amenities and the warm reception of the staff contributed to the overall favorable experience.

Appreciate this singular occasion that unites people of different cultures and honors the effectiveness of global cooperation. Until we meet again, Koica ICC! #KOICAICCTraining #InternationalAmiance


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