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Food & Drink Different tastes of cakes are tested in chrismax.

페이지 정보

작성자 Sajitha
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This Christmas in Chuncheon, South Korea, I put together a one-of-a-kind cake taste test with flavors that fit the holiday mood.

The first cake was a delicious treat that was based on a traditional Korean rice cake. It was a work of art to combine layers of soft rice flour cake with a cream that had a nutty and slightly sweet taste. We were taken to the heart of Korean custom by the outer layer, which was lightly covered in powdered soybean flour.

After that, a cake with green tea in it took the lead. With the earthy notes of matcha and the sweetness of red bean paste, they made a beautiful mix that spoke to both tradition and celebration. A rich red bean filling and a hint of matcha topping went well with the layers of the cake and gave our tasting a new twist.

The big finale was a rich chocolate cake with chestnuts, which are a winter favorite. There was a delicious chestnut cream between each layer of rich chocolate cake, and the roasted chestnuts added a nice crunch. This cake, which had chestnut pieces on top and a smooth chocolate frosting on top, was the perfect holiday treat.

As we took a bite, laughing and happiness filled the room. The tastes made me think of winters in Chuncheon, combining traditional Korean ingredients with the traditional Christmas treat of chocolate.


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