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Language & Culture Hello Jadoo!

페이지 정보

작성자 Jessie
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Some people learn Korean or Japanese or any other language through interactions with friends, listening to music, watching music videos or dramas featuring such. But for me, one way I learn Korean a little bit more entertaining and funnier is by watching the free YouTube videos about a particularly energetic “Korean” child named “Jadoo”. With my meager Korean, I found that I can understand the said videos and laugh and feel emotions with it even without the subtitles, in comparison with being in a room filled with actual Koreans. It is also, to my opinion, more real than some of the Korean dramas I watched as, in stark contrast with all the usual glamor of the latter (who does not like seeing luxurious possibilities?), with this show you can witness how a child can see and experience poverty, sexism, and being with older people. It somehow felt more honest and humble. That is also why I like it. Which is the reason why I traveled far from Chuncheon to Seoul and waited in line almost for half a day just to see and have an autograph of its original creator. The author drawn “Minji” (the gentler friend of Jadoo) for me, wishing me to be always happy, which, though I cannot always be, at least was true for that moment. For what is communication’s end but happiness, and two of the means being honesty and humility.



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