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Food & Drink Having Aussie meat pie in Suwon!

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작성자 Hazel
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Greetings to all of you!

I want to talk about my recent dining experience in Suwon, a busy city south of Seoul, for today's community post. It was my first time visiting Suwon, and getting there by public transit was quite simple. The reason this visit interests me so much is that we had a meal at a restaurant called "Dinner is Not Over." This restaurant served Australian meat pies, or meat pies that are highly favored there. Meat pies are tiny pies with meat filling and are typically hand-made. It was my first time trying this dish, and I always find it amazing how cuisine from all around the world is found in so many different places. Due to our continued consumption of food from other nations, the effects of globalization on food are virtually everywhere. The menu at the restaurant was another testament to the dynamic changes brought to food due to the interaction of cultures.  

We ordered Steak Kimchi Fried Rice, Chungyang Cream Pasta, and two types of meat pies: Curry Chicken and Original. Just from our orders, we can see the influence from other countries, not just Australia. The food was very good, and the ambience was quite relaxing too. The location of the restaurant is right across from the Suwon Public Art Museum, and I hope that you can try it when you visit!

That's all for today's post! Thank you for reading.


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