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Tech Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How We Interact thru Video Games and Place…

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작성자 Jessie
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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet was released last 2022 for the Nintendo Switch console. Despite the numerous bugs and problems encountered during the early days of the game, it still sold so much copies and still releases regular events which engages countless of fans across the globe. This mainstream Pokemon game is a pioneer among the series when it comes to allowing multiple players to explore together, and with non-player characters, the virtual world of "Paldea", which is well-known to be inspired by the Iberian Peninsula or Spain. This poses a question on how people interact with others and to non-player characters thru a digital medium, and also how such interactions being based on a fictional setting, which in turn is based on a real world location, influence our bond with both. Will visits and interactions in a virtual world help people appreciate more of the natural world it is based on? Will it help the local tourism? Nevertheless, I can recommend this game for video game players familiar and new to the series as we await the release of the new Pokemon Legends game next year!

Also, if you are interested in helping me answer the question aforementioned, I attached here a Google Form link. This is my survey for my Master's thesis on such topic! Feel free to share it to your friends!


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