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Language & Culture Joining the Plastic Model Contest of Gundam Base Korea

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작성자 Jessie
댓글 0 Comments 조회 859 Views 작성일 24-05-23 14:56


I have always liked building plastic models. It helps me focus my mind and train it to do so for other tasks. Aside from that, such models being plastic opens up the easy and limitless possibilities for creativity or customization!

I still remember the young me building less complex Gundam plastic models back in the day with only a nail clipper on hand. Looking back, they look too plain or even crudely built.

Now that I am older and when I saw that Gundam Base Korea is holding a contest for plastic model building, I tried building my own diorama entitled "Circles of White feat. Fuchiko"--updated version now excludes the funny little figure of the girl "Fuchiko" because I got its base form from a non-Bandai figure company. What I really like in this creation of mine is that the idea came on me when I was sleeping on a bench in Seoul when I missed the last train for Chuncheon (laughs) and also that most of the parts were made from spare or recycled parts, with tools I bought cheap from Daiso.

Nevertheless, if you have time please take a look at it as it will be on exhibition in the Gundam Base in the I'Park Mall Yongsan until around July!

See you! 


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