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Health & Wellness “My tragic moment” Trigger warning: graphic images

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작성자 Merhawi
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“My tragic moment”

Hello everyone! 

Let me share my simple tragedy with you. So, one of the nights of August saw my right-hand index finger hurt. I had been walking around Chuncheon roundabouts and after that shopping for some groceries like Milk and egg at E-mart. Since the time was getting late had to leave for my campus.

My day was so tiresome and arrived at my college evening at 9:30. As soon as I arrived at our building carrying my back bag, I had to put preserve the perishable groceries before I entered the dorm, so I headed to the foyer of our floor, opened up the first door of the foyer safely. 

Thereafter, I had to open up another door for a separate and very spacious space in the crush room where the other refrigerator is found, the tragic moment happened now my right-hand index finger smashed while opening the second door of the foyer. 

It was so hurt and had no word to say than the temptation to scream. It swelled and carry blood, and changed its color and shape. I  spent the night as hard as crossing the wide river, couldn’t sleep well. I started to treat myself with homemade solution, boiled water with salt, and massaged the hurt spot of my index finger. I was in hurry to see it recover fast, so I also received advice from a friend living in my country he suggested putting the hurt finger in a lemon solution adding it will make the blood circulation normal. I tried for two days and am not sure if a positive change was made. 

I visited the school first aid clinic and they directed me to visit another nearby hospital outside the school. Arrived at the referenced hospital and met the experts there and proceed accordingly, and the medical doctor helped me by removing the blood first and plastered the hurt spot with a bandage. I received the same treatment for three to four days and start to see a positive change and recovered finally. However, my nail separated from the nailbed gradually, and visited the hospital again and they helped me dismantle the nail since it was almost separated. 

Thanks to the almighty and the experts there, I’m fine and waiting for the growth of my right-hand index fingernail.

I would like to say bye and transmit my message that no matter if you are tired and in an inconvenient physical setting, try not to lose consciousness.

Stay safe!!


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