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Food & Drink My most favorite restaurant - GAMMIOG RESTAURANT (감미옥)

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작성자 Sudarshini Nath
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In Korea, galbitang is a meal that increases stamina. It's especially ideal soup to have when you're feeling under the weather. After eating this soup, I always feel more energized. Some people even supplement it with ginseng, dried jujube, and chestnuts to make it even healthier; however, I haven't tried it this way as I prefer the traditional version.

Short rib soup, also known as galbi-tang (갈비탕), is a type of guk (Korean soup) that is often created from stewing beef, radish, onions, and beef short ribs. While the suffix tang is another name for guk, the short ribs, or "galbi," also refer to barbecued short ribs in Korean barbecue. As a result, the Korean term, also known as garitang or galitang, literally translates to "short rib soup." Galbi is carefully simmered in water for a long period to create the clear, filling soup that is served as a meal. It is comparable to seolleongtang, a soup made with ox leg bones.


Address: 곰탕,설렁탕

강원 춘천시 춘천로 217효자동 744-17

Time: Tuesday to Saturday (9:00-21:00)

Monthly closed for 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month

Phone no: 033-256-3808

Price: 15,000 for galbitang (갈비탕)


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