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Tech “Two things that make sense in Chuncheon”

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작성자 Merhawi
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“Two things that make sense in Chuncheon”

Hello everyone! 

Let me share with you my first experience with two sterilizers.

I frequently have my meal in the pizza school Hallym branch as one of my daily portions of dishes. Thus, when I was looking for a socket to plug my phone with a dead battery, I found the box and plugged my phone. I saw and realized its dual-function simple device which enables one to charge the phone and at the same time sterilize the cellphone and enable it to be free from bacteria. That was my first time seeing such a cell phone sterilizer.

The other thing I experienced in  Chuncheon was the book sterilizer at Hallym University, Ilsong memorial library’s second floor. I never used such a device made for making a book free from bacteria before. While entering and leaving the library by the main gate location it is customary to encounter a machine that resembles an ATM near a bank. I was curious to make use of first hand this anti bacterium of the father of knowledge, Book. We Ethiopians used to say the father of knowledge metaphorically just to pronounce a book.  It was a good experience and since then I used to get book sterilization.

Notably, in our today’s life conditions which we are dealing with the deadly pandemic Covid-19, and the time we are obliged to give due care in our daily activities, and interactions are required to avoid touch and follow guidelines of social distancing, these devices are worth speaking. I have attached pictures of the two devices above.

Note: Both sterilizing devices are to be used for free.

Stay safe!



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