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Social Experiencing "Bayanihan" in Chuncheon

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작성자 Hazel
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Hello everyone! For this week’s community post, I have decided to share my experience of moving into a new apartment here in Chuncheon. As I have previously mentioned in my podcast, I am not used to living with a roommate and it was quite challenging for me to adjust during the semester. Fortunately, I was able to find an apartment with the help of my friends. They also assisted me by serving as my translators so that I could effectively communicate with the landlord. They helped me clean the unit and shop for things that I needed, too! This reminds me of the Filipino concept of Bayanihan from the root word Bayan which means town/nation/community. Historically this term is used to denote communal unity and cooperation especially when someone moves houses (quite literally, as you will see in the photo).

I am very fortunate to be surrounded by people who keep the Bayanihan spirit alive. That’s it for this week’s post! Thank you!

The Bayanihan Spirit – The Mixed Culture 

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