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Tech Experiencing New Keyboard Switches.

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작성자 Zolboo
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I’ve been trying to build a setup for me for a while. I was going to one which can be portable, best for student and comfortable. After thinking for a while, I chose laptop and I thought I can make it to be like a desktop when I’m home otherwise it can be light laptop when I go to school.  So, I’ve searched monitors, mouse, keyboard for my setup. Maybe you guys can be wondering why would I needed them even I have laptop. But for me if it’s bigger it’s more comfortable when I’m home. I was choosing my gears very carefully. And a keyboard took a long time than I thought. I was expecting to buy a one that looks cool but choosing a keyboard was a whole different thing. I’ve learned a lot of things about keyboard. One of them is switches. I wanted to talk about it today.

There are many type of switches. For example (most common used 3 switches):

Red Mechanical Switches:

·         Feel:
Smooth, no bump

·         Sound Profile:  Quiet

·         Pros:  Linear switches are a favorite of super fast-paced gamers due to their lack of bump or click. This allows for quick, twitchy reactions with minimal resistance.

·         Cons:  The same lack of feedback and resistance can mean accidental keypresses if you're not super accurate.

Brown mechanical switches:

·         Feel:  Tactile bump

·         Sound Profile:  Quiet

·         Pros:  Increased accuracy and keypress confidence due to feel the "bump" of a key actuating when pressed.

·         Cons:  Slightly reduced speed due to the resistance of the bump.

Blue mechanical switches:

·         Feel:  Tactile bump

·         Sound Profile:  Loud Click

·         Pros:  Clicky actuation with a bump and distinctive click sound when a keypress registers. Great for typing and confident accuracy. Some folks really enjoy the clicky noise.

·         Cons:
Slightly slower reaction time due to more resistance. May be too noisy for some people.

They all feels so different. So, end of it I chose Red Mechanical Switches. Not because I wanted to play games, it just felt so good for me. Everybody feels different so if you want to choose one of them you should try it by yourself.



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