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Social Visit the Garden of Morning Calm in two different seasons

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작성자 Putri
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Before I went to South Korea, I once saw someone's post in the Garden of Morning Calm with a very beautiful view. Since then, Garden of Morning Calm has become one of the places I want to visit when I go to Korea. I feel very lucky that until now I have visited this beautiful place twice, in winter and spring. The first time I went there was in winter which coincided with the festival of lights which was amazing. I went there with 5 other friends from Chuncheon by subway and bus. Even though at that time the plants were dry, but we enjoyed playing in the frozen river in the afternoon, then we enjoyed hot drinks and delicious cakes at the cafe. The most memorable thing was the festival of lights, it was very beautiful. The festival of lights is very wide and colorful. We took lots of photos there in every corner. Then my second visit was in the spring. I went there using a package tour from Chuncheon with friends. Tours like this make it very easy for foreigners to travel. The garden of morning calm in spring is very beautiful, filled with various kinds of flowers such as cherry blossoms, tulips, and daisies. My favorite is the tulips. There are various colors of tulips there such as pink, purple, white, red, and yellow. I took lots of photos and videos there. My impression after visiting one place in different seasons is amazing. I like how they try to make a different tourist spot in each season so that visitors don't get bored and are interested in visiting in different seasons. When I got home, I ate street food in front of the entrance. I bought odeng and hotteok. Odeng and hotteok are always my favourites.


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