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페이지 정보

작성자 Zolboo
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I’ve always been loving Korean movies since I was a kid. There are some movies I liked most. I wanted to share them with you guys this time. I highly recommend to watch them when you have time. 

  1. My Sassy girl (2001)
    I like this one most. A guy who is not a good student meets a drunk girl in subway. A girl vomited on an old man then said “my love” to student and fell down. Story gets interesting from here. So if you want to know what happened next go watch it^^. By the way before you watch it you can watch Windstruck (2004) then you can understand more about the story. After watch them both also there’s a another episode of it which is called My Sassy Girl 2. Enjoy.

  2. Always (2011)
    Movie starts with a guy who used to do boxing in the past and stopped for some reason. He does many part-time jobs. One of them is gate keeper of car parking. Suddenly a girl appears and talked with him about movie. Then he noticed she was misidentifying because she was blind. Their love story begins from there. I bet you will cry while watching this.

  3. Extreme job (2019)
    This one is different from others. There are some love scene but this isn’t about love story. Police team trying to catch a criminal but they needed to nearly watch criminal because of evidence. The best way to watch criminal from near was renting chicken place. They rented it and work like they’re workers of chicken place. But surprisingly chicken place went very well. They make so much money also chicken place got famous. You can watch what they do next to catch criminal by yourself.

    I hope you guys will enjoy them.


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