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Social Lovely Cafe in Chuncheon

페이지 정보

작성자 Putri
댓글 0 Comments 조회 2,165 Views 작성일 22-05-28 08:48


In the fall, I saw a lot of posts of people taking pictures with pretty pink muhly, then I found out where I could find them. Initially I was planning to go to the Olympic park in Seoul, until finally one of my friends said there is a cafe in Chuncheon with a muhly pink view, the name is Cafe Organic. Then I found out how I got there, it turned out that I could only get there by taking a taxi. Cafe Organic is located in the rural area of ​​Chuncheon, so the area is very pristine and beautiful. This cafe sells drinks and organic food from local residents' crops. Arriving there I ordered a drink and went straight to the pink muhly garden. Many people take pictures and enjoy the beautiful scenery there. After asking and finding out through the cafe's social media pages, I came to know that organic cafes provide a different view of flowers according to the season. From January to April there are colorful tulips, May to June of Yuchae or Canola, June to July of Sunflowers and Daisy flowers, July to August of Hydrangeas, and September to November of Pink Muhly. Early May was my second visit to Organic Cafe with a view of beautiful yellow Canola flowers. I really enjoyed my time there by taking lots of photos. I plan to visit Organic Cafe again next month with sunflower view. 


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