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Health & Wellness Receiving My 1st Shot of COVID-19 Vaccine

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작성자 Zolboo
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Because of Corona Virus our lives changed so much. Places are open until 10:00pm and you can’t enter if you’re with 4 people or more. You can’t go outside without mask, you should follow social distance rules. But after a long time it’s getting better since Covid-19 Vaccines are made. 

Like others I got my 1st shot of COVID-19 Vaccine which is Moderna Vaccine. On a day which I got my 1st shot my arm hurt just a little bit. But it was hurting more on tomorrow. After 3 days my arm was fine. I thought my reaction to Vaccine has ended. Then this happened. 5 days after Vaccine day I started fevering. I thought I got Corona virus since I thought my reaction to vaccine has ended. And I bought Corona Virus Tester and Tested myself. I did it twice but it keeps saying I’m fine. So, I contacted hospital, my parents and friends. From hospital they said a name of medicine which I should eat. Few of my friends had a same symptom as mine. One of them happened 14 days after Vaccine. 

I couldn’t get off from my bed. Also, couldn’t eat. After 3 days I got better. I think people are reacting to Vaccine differently depending on their age. It was my reaction to Moderna Vaccine.


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