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Food & Drink How to cook Filipino Adobo the easiest way

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작성자 Jess Deytiquez
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Adobo (Ahdohboh) is perhaps one of the favorite food of Filipinos, and due to its saltiness, spoils not  that easily. Here is an easy way to cook it:

1.      Choose whether you like pork or chicken.

2.      Buy the chosen meat in a sliced or bite-size forms in the nearby meat shop.

3.      Put the meat in the pot (after washing them of course!).

4.      Add oil.

5.      Add water.

6.      Add soy sauce.

7.      Add a vinegar (always in lesser amount than the soy sauce).

8.      Add pepper.

9.      Add garlic power (or garlic)

10.   Add one big onion (sliced)

11.   Add little fish sauce or salt (optional).

12.   Add bay leaf (optional for more aroma).

13.   Boil until the meat is tender or, if you prefer more vivid taste, until the soup dries out and then only the oil remains, which, in that case, you just need to fry the meat a little bit more.

*I did not include the exact measurement of the ingredients here because in the end, it can all boil down into how salty the taste or strong the taste of the dish you prefer.

*If you prefer tangier and sweeter taste, add a cup of Sprite or 7UP.

*Picture is by dbgg1979 on flickr -



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