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작성자 Khongorzul
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Hello there, my name is Khongorzul from Ulaanbaatar Mongolia. Now I am studying in korean language training school in South Korea and my goal is graduate University with my master's degree in the South Korea. So here is my daily life routine in Korea. 7:30am I wake up and drink glass of warm water. Because it is good for health and skin. After that of course go to bathroom as same as what people do. Then I get dressed and put some makeup on. After that,  I prepare my breakfast usually I eat bread with butter and hot coffee. 8:45am I go to school. Language school starts 9:00am to 12:50pm. After school I go to eat my lunch with peers. Then go home and take a nap for 2hours usually. Then I make some food for dinner around 6:30~7:30pm. After that I do my homework it takes 2hrs to 3hrs. And then I watch some kdrama, show or movie. Before go to sleep I wash my face and ready to sleep then I go to sleep at 11:30. It is how my day goes.


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