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Food & Drink Something Warm and Fluffy and Healthy Especially for a Rainy Day

페이지 정보

작성자 Jess
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This rainy Sunday, March 12, 2023, when people I think just stayed in their homes, either still sleeping or huddled around in a sofa with a book or a coffee, I was walking, walking through the streets of Chuncheon as always. 

I was about to buy some stuff from Lotte Mart, but it was closed so directed my feet back to Hallym University. As I passed the Juklim Cathedral, and made several more steps towards the market, I saw this stall immersed in steam as if a warm cloud from heaven went down and decided to stay in it. And oh! It smells really nice!

Thinking that it was lunch time already and it would be several hundreds of steps still from the university—and now that I got more money from my scholarship this semester—I decided to buy three steamed, warm buns of whiteness. The lady even gave me a pickle as an extra. The yumminess of the pork paired with that taste of the added vegetables and the slight sweetness of the buns made a soft melody.

 It was perfect for a cold rainy day—though I decided to add a cup noodles later on to my lunch. 

I am not really sure if this is universal, but I think it is indeed nice to just eat or drink something warm during rainy days—though I also like eating ice cream or drinking cold sodas even in winter—I am weird, alright?!

Anyways, have a nice day always, whether it is sunny, snowy, cloudy, or a rainy one!



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