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[COVID-19] Social Distancing Adjustment plan

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□ Social distancing step adjustment plan. For further information, please visit the link below. 


Level 4

Level 3






An average of 4 or more per day per

100,000 people per week

* 389 people in Seoul, 537 people in Gyeonggi, 118 people in Incheon, and more than 1,000 people in the metropolitan area.


An average of 2 or more per day per

100,000 people per week

Daejeon 30, Sejong 7, Chungbuk 32,

Chungnam 42, Gwangju 29, Jeonbuk 36,

Jeonnam 37, Daegu 49, Gyeongbuk 53,

Busan 68, Ulsan 23, Gyeongnam 67,

Gangwon 31, Jeju 13 or more

* Cities and counties with a population of less than 100,000 in the non-metropolitan area maintain autonomous adjustment.



Up to 4 people before 18:00

Up to 2 people after 18:00

*Those who have completed vaccination can

hold private meetings at restaurants,cafes

and at home for up to 6 people

Up to 4 people

* Up to 8 people who have completed

vaccination can attend private meetings




No gathering allowed.

Entertainment/Karaoke, Clubs/Nights,

Emotional pubs, Dating Bar, Collatek/Dance Hall, Hold'em Pub/Hold'em Game Center





at 22:00

Group of 1 to 3 (all multi-use facilities other than collective prohibition), including Singing Practice Center, Restaurant/Cafe*,

Indoor Sports Facilities, Movie Theater, PC Rooms, Academy, etc.

* When using restaurants and cafes, up to 6 people are allowed to gather in private (until 22:00), (up to 4 people) can be added for those who have completed the vaccinations

Direct Sales Promotion Center for Entertainment Facilities, Hold'em Pub/Hold'em Game Room,

Colatec/Ballroom, Singing Practice Area, Restaurant/Café, Bathhouse Business, Swimming Pool, Door-to-Door Sales, etc.

* When using a multi-use facilities, private

gatherings of up to 8 people are possible, it theyadd person, that person must be


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