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[COVID-19] Steady Return To Pre-Pandemic Life by Seoul Metropolitan Go…

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Phased Return to Normalcy Plan

1. Reorganized social distancing

◈ Gradual easing/lifting of COVID-19 restrictions for fully vaccinated people

○ Maintain COVID-19 protocols (e.g. masks) following the order of (1) facilities closely related to people’s livelihoods → (2) large-scale events → (3) private gatherings.
○ Ease COVID-19 protocols for facilities and gatherings comprising vaccinated people as much as possible

Basic direction

  • (Direction) Shifting the focus from the universal imposition of restrictions to suppress the spread of COVID-19 → to increasing the vaccination rate to suppress the number of critically ill patients and deaths, and on preventing the spread within the unvaccinated population and the most vulnerable
  • (Gradual relaxation) Gradually ease COVID-19 protocols in three phases by comprehensively evaluating the status of various factors, including vaccination rate, hospital bed occupancy rate, number of critically ill patients and deaths, number of new confirmed cases, etc.
  • (Centering on vaccinated people) Ease COVID-19 protocols as much as possible for facilities used only by fully vaccinated people, etc.*
    • * Including fully vaccinated people, unvaccinated people with a negative PCR test result, minors aged 18 and under, people who have fully recovered from COVID-19 infection, and people who are unable to get vaccinated due to special reasons.
    • – Vaccination certificate/negative test result checking system focusing on facilities that pose a high risk of spread, and facilities that require special protection for high-risk groups such as the elderly (e.g. convalescent hospitals)
    • (Vaccination and negative test result certificates) Based on the concept of the so-called “vaccine pass” system, which allows access to facilities only to fully vaccinated people and people with a negative PCR test result to ensure safety of facility users and to protect unvaccinated people.
    • – At the discretion of each facility whether to restrict access to certain spaces/sessions to unvaccinated people. However, COVID-19 protocols (e.g. no eating inside, capacity limit) applied if unvaccinated people are also allowed inside the facility.
    • * Lift restrictions on no eating inside and shouting/singing (e.g. choirs) that cannot be performed while wearing a face mask in phase 2.
  • (Practical measures) Increase participation of citizens, organizations and associations, and expand local governments’ autonomy. Strengthen practical disease control and prevention measures for daily life based on the principles of autonomy and responsibility.
  • (Contingency plan) If the medical system becomes overwhelmed to a critical level due to factors such as a sudden surge of critically ill patients and deaths, temporarily put the normalcy plan on hold, and activate a contingency plan to stabilize the spread of COVID-19.
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