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Climate change conference at Hallym University

Climate change conference at Hallym University

Recorded by Supu



Hello friends! I hope you are enjoying the sunny days! Today I am going to share my climate change conference experience at Hallym. 2023 Ciao! Italia ‘Climate Change Conference’ was held on June 16 at the international conference hall of Hallym University. It was organized by the City of Chuncheon, the Embassy of Italy to Korea, and Hallym University's Graduate School of Global Cooperation (GSGC). The conference theme was "Turning words into Action for Our planet," and it was such a good experience to gain knowledge about this climate change crisis. Mr. Huh Young, a member of the International Assembly, talked about hydrogen-powered buses that can reduce electricity bills in the town, and it was new knowledge to me. I had never thought about hydrogen-powered vehicles before. At the presentation of Mr. Demetrio Innocenti, who is the manager of the simplified approval process, the project preparation facility, and enhancing direct access, he explains how climate finance works and what we should do if we decide to invest in a climate project, using the example of the green climate fund. Dr. Songhee Han, from the National Climate Technology Cooperation Center, National Institute of Green Technology, speaks about projects under the Climate Technology Development and Transfer Program to developing countries. She also mentioned a project held in my country, Sri Lanka, but I was not aware of that project, and it was a wonder for me. She said that project was about the development of Kurunegala as a climate smart city, and it was done in the years 2018 and 2019. Dr. Jin Young Kim from the Department of Climate Policy Research at the Korea Research Institute on Climate Change (KRIC) mentioned that even though Gangwon province is famous for beautiful weather, good water, and clean air, these days Gangwon is facing a lot of climate issues. Dr. Won Hak Lee, the director of planning and coordination at the Gangwon Institute, discussed that they have to find solutions for these climate crisis situations in this province, and he suggests creating shelters and more green areas to prevent heat waves. Finally, the conference Chair, the ambassador of Italy to Korea, made the final speech and said the young generation should pay attention to this crisis the most, and all those projects cannot be done without the full support of the people. So now we too are a part of this city, Chuncheon, and let's work hand in hand to make this city a better green environment.


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