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Excessive anxiety in a crisis situation of COVID-19 can have a negative effect on immunity by exhausting the body and mind. It is an important time for mental quarantine to keep the health of the mind as well as the health of the body, and anyone can feel the stress of an infectious disease. As reactions to external stressful situations, anxiety, fear, and irritability are very normal reactions. Anxiety also protects us from danger by making us act cautiously, for example, by wearing a mask and washing our hands frequently because of anxiety to protect our health. In a situation like the present one, rather than worrying about anxiety itself, it is necessary to accept that you may be anxious enough and handle it well. However, anxiety can also cause physical tension reactions such as palpitations, headaches, indigestion, and insomnia. A certain amount of anxiety and tension about an infectious disease is a valid response, but if you are overwhelmed by excessive fear and fear as the stress of the infectious disease continues, especially if you have insomnia for a long time or if you have difficulty maintaining daily life due to anxiety, It is better to consult with a mental health professional. Anxiety about infection constantly seeks information, but uncertain information increases anxiety and stress and makes rational judgment difficult. It is better to prioritize information and focus on the information provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and to avoid repeatedly checking SNS and news by setting a set time. There are many uncertainties about new infectious diseases because there is no accumulated data. It is desirable to divert attention to activities that are under self-control. In a state of anxiety, it is easy to project one's anxiety onto others, but hatred of others that arises in an infectious disease situation hides the person at risk of infection and does not help quarantine. In addition, personal attacks on specific people and groups and exposure of personal information may cause secondary damage as trauma, so actions that unnecessarily hurt the same side in the fight against infectious diseases should be avoided. The fear felt by the infected when they become infected with COVID-19 is indescribable.


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