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페이지 정보


My first winter in Korea.

Chuncheon- Gangwon- Korea

Recorded by Nguyen Thi Thu Huong



When talking about Korea, winter, snow, and specialties are indispensable and always attractive topics in Korean movies. People often talk about the beautiful and tragic love story in the white snow of Winter Sonata, or Jo-In-Sung and Son- Hye-Kyo going to the top of the mountain to hear the sound of frozen snow on the jingling treetops. However, for me- a Vietnamese student who comes from a tropical country where the coldest temperature in winter is only around 10 Celsius degrees, the first winter in the land of kimchi is an unforgettable memory. I was eagerly looking forward to the winter to see the romantic snowfall like in the movie and I had a lot of fun experiences in my first winter in Korea. It was one day in November last year when I woke up and opened the window. For the first time in my life, I saw snow falling. I quickly put on my coat and ran out into the street like a child lost in a maze with full of his favorite toys. I hurriedly took photos, made video calls to mom, my husband, and my son. My son was also very excited about the snow, and my family was very happy at that moment. Winter in Korea is very cold, it doesn't snow every day. If it's too cold, it snows a lot. Sometimes the whole path is flooded by snow. The days when the snow melts are much colder, and the streets are really slippery. I did not register for a dormitory, but I stay outside. Luckily, my room is close to the school, and it is equipped with a very warm heating system. I love the feeling of sitting in the warm house, looking out the snowy window, and sipping hot tea with a slice of sweet cake. My classrooms also have a very good heating system, so it's really warm. When I came to class, I did not want to go out again. There were days when it snowed a lot, I stayed in my room, not daring to go out because I was scared that I might get sick. The cold weather in winter made people want to be closer to each other to spread warmth, and I missed my family even more, especially during the Lunar New Year. I still remember very clearly, On New Year's Eve, it snowed a lot, I just wished for a miracle to bring my husband and my son to me. Now I'm getting to be more familiar with it. I hope that the Covid-19 pandemic will pass quickly, so, next year I will welcome my husband and my son to Korea so that our family will enjoy my last winter in Korea. I like winter very much because of the beautiful scenery, but on the days when the snow melts, it is quite wet, and the road is very slippery and dirty. Therefore, I would like to recommend that you guys should prepare 1-2 pairs of snow-proof shoes so that in winter you can go out and enjoy the beautiful scenery without fear of falling.


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